What to Consider When Making a YouTube Video

YouTube is a popular online website, which allows internet users, just like you, to share videos or watch an unlimited number of them. While a good portion of the individuals who post videos on YouTube are just posting videos that they have laying around, there are many more who actually make videos with the sole purpose of uploading them to YouTube and sharing them with other internet users. If you are one of those individuals, there are a number of points that you will want to keep in mind.

When it comes to making a YouTube video, one of the things that you will need is a video recording device. Popular video recording devices include camcorder, webcams, as well as cell phones with video recording capabilities. If at all possible, you will want to try and use a webcam or a camcorder, as these video recording devices often produce the best quality. If you are looking to make your YouTube video be a hit, quality is something that you will want to take into consideration. Many YouTube video viewers dislike watching poor quality videos; in fact, not everyone sticks around to finish watching them.

Editing is also something that you will want to take into consideration. YouTube actually encourages you to examine your video before uploading it to their site. If you notice anything that you would like changed, you are advised to edit your video before uploading it to YouTube. Of course, you dont have to edit your video if you dont want to, but editing your video is also likely to improve the overall quality of your YouTube video. It is also relatively easy to do. Most computers come with movie editing software programs already installed. It may even be a good idea to play around with a movie editing software program and your YouTube video; you may be surprised just how fun it can be.

It is also important that you think about and examine the content of your video, especially if you are planning on doing a comedy video. Comedy videos are popular on YouTube, but you need to remember that a large number of people visit YouTube for entertainment. Many of those individuals are from different races, sexes, and religions. You will want to be cautious of offending any of your viewers, intentionally or not. Keep in mind that comedy means different things to different individuals. Of course, you have the right to make just about any type of YouTube video you want; you are advised to use your best judgment. Should you be good at making YouTube videos, you may be able to make a name for yourself on YouTube, but you will want it to be a good one.

It is also important that you examine safety when making a YouTube video. As previously mentioned, comedy videos are popular on YouTube and so are video blogs. Video blogs are where internet uses recite their blog in front of a camera, instead of in print. Video blogs are fun to do, but many video blogers, both on and off of YouTube, make the mistake of giving out too much information about themselves. For your safety, you will want to avoid giving your real name, especially if you are showing your face on your video blog. It is advised that you do not mention your real name in any of your YouTube videos, but you definitely do not want to mention your address or any of your phone numbers. Not divulging your personal information is for your own safety. You need to remember that you never really know who is watching your YouTube videos or what they are thinking.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many that you will want to keep in mind, before making a video which will later be posted on YouTube. In short, aim for quality and keep internet safety in mind and your YouTube video could end up being a hit.

Spike Lee: Top Films and Unforgettable Controversies

Spike Lee is one of the most influential and provocative American moviemakers. Recently, he celebrated the 20 year anniversary for the release of his remarkable debut film Shes Gotta Have It. His films are groundbreaking in their controversial approach towards social and political issues and offer different perspective on race, class and gender issues in contemporary America.

Spike Lee was born as Shelton Jackson Lee in 1957 in Atlanta, Georgia to a jazz musician and an art teacher. When Lee was a young child, the family relocated to Brooklyn, which was used as a background for many of Spike Lee’s movies. Lee’s talent was recognized while he was still a film student in NYU. His thesis film Joes Bed Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads won 1983 Student Academy Award for best director.

Spike Lee’s debut movie Shes Gotta Have It was released in 1986. The movie was shot in 12 days in a budget of 175,000 dollars. The film was written, produced and directed by Spike Lee. Shes Gotta Have It tells the story of Nora Darling, a young, independent African American graphic designer who cannot commit to any of her three lovers. Tracy Camilla Jones played the role of Nora Darling. Tommy Redmond Hicks and John Canada Terrell along with Lee himself played the three men in Noras life.

Shes Gotta Have It was a landmark film in its presentation of African American characters in an American movie and part of the explosion of 80s independent movie industry. The African American community embraced the movie, which displayed a non stereotypical group of young, intelligent black American people. The film won the Prix de Jeuness at the Cannes film festival for the best new film by a newcomer.

The 1992 biographic epic Malcolm X is considered by many as Lee’s best film. The 195 minutes movie depicts the story of the African American activist Malcolm X, from his early childhood to his assassination. Lee uses the Malcolm X story to confront the audience with the racial discrimination and violence that black people went through during the 1950s and 1960s in America.

Spike Lee’s name was associated with many controversies. He was often accused of anti Semitism and racism for portraying Jews and Italians in his films a stereotypical manner. His 2001 television miniseries about one of the Black Panthers founders, Huey P. Newton, stirred another controversy, which helped establish Lee’s image as a provocative and radical figures in the American film industry.

Lee’s latest project is the documentary When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, which tells the story of New Orleans post and pre hurricane Katrina. The four hours documentary is about the New Orleans culture, the damage caused by hurricane Katrina and the recovery efforts. Lee does not spare his critic on the government inadequate reaction to the destruction.

5 Top Movies Directed by Spike Lee

Do The Right Thing: this 1989 comic drama shows what happens in Brookline when the interracial tension heats up during the hottest day of the year. Starring: Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, John Turturro

Mo Better Blues: Denzel Washington as a jazz trumpeter who makes all the wrong decisions regarding his musical career and relationships.
Jungle Fever tells a pessimistic interracial love story between an African American man and an Italian American woman.

Girl 6 looks at the life of a young black actress who prefers working as a phone girl than being abused by movie directors

25th Hour is dedicated to the last 24 hours in the life of a New York drug dealer before his jail term begins.

Where To Get The Best Car Management System

A system simply refers to a set of parts or things forming a complex whole. Car management system refers to a set for several modules that work together to facilitate the sale of cars to the prospective clients. Our definition of the word system introduces an important concept to us called system integration. This is basically the combination of several modules put in one system to facilitate the performance of the whole software in a way that is required. Car sale management software system is an application program that is specifically built for the purpose of managing the process of selling the cars and keeping all the records concerning all the transactions.

Later in this article we shall look at the features of the management software system together with the processes through which a system must go before it can be packaged and distributed for use. Many software applications are developed by people who do not follow the required procedure due to the expenses, and time that could be involved if the entire process is followed. When some steps are overlooked in the process, it becomes the genesis of some pitfalls of the system after it is packaged and deployed. This is therefore a wakeup call to the car dealers that they should go for software that have been built by professionals who are not only for money but are also for the betterment of the world of technology as they enhance development of software that can have high reliability and availability. Here are some of the steps a good software process needs to go through.

1. Software specification and design

Software specification is the process in which the client, in this case the dealer company comes together with the software developer and specifies the features that the software should have after it has been built and packaged. It is during this stage that the user gives their feeling about what the final product should look like.
The design phase is equally very important as it helps in coming up with the prototypes of the final product. These prototypes are helpful in carrying out the feasibility study to gauge the possibility of carrying out the project to the end. In addition, we need to know and understand in and out what we want to build. This is why the design phase is primary.

2. Software implementation and testing

Implementation involves the actual coding and development of the software. It follows everything that has been done at the design stage. In essence, after this stage, we should have a system that works exactly like the specifications have outlined.

For one to know whether the software that has been built contains the specified features, it has to undergo the testing phase which is very important. It includes verification and validation which answers the questions are we building the right system? And are we building the system right? The auto dealer software provider involved in all the processes that the system goes through since after the testing and proving it, it is deployed.

Hard Disk Clicking Sound

1. Observations
You hear clicking sounds emitting from your hard disk drive, either in a form of clicking or grinding sounds. This can happen when you power up your computer from start or halfway while working on your projects.

2. Possible Causes

The irregular clicking or chunking sound usually indicates that your hard drive is suffering from physical damage. If you use a S.M.A.R.T enabled disk, you may see a warning of a imminent disk failure when you power up your computer. This problem can be caused by the following:
– Head Crash
– Bad Sectors
– Mechanical Faults
– Virtual Memory Paging

3. Resolution
a. Head Crash

This is a physical damage of the disk platter when the head of a hard disk scratches the surface of the disk. The grinding sound is therefore observed when this occurs. Firstly, turn off your computer and do not attempt to power it up. Consult a data recovery firm immediately and avoid dismantling the disk to repair the problem yourself. Operating without the correct tools and a clean environment can result in further extensive damage which complicates the recovery process.

b. Bad Sectors

Typically bad sectors are physical damage of a span of disk area. The clicking sound happens when the head attempts to read from the same area of disk multiple times due to failed attempts. This can also occur when the head is unable to calibrate with the media servo tracks due to the gradual weakening of the magnetic domains on the platter that causes the drive to reset continuously. If the conditions of the disk is not too bad, a standard process is to perform a disk surface scan. This helps to mark all bad sectors and prevent your system from writing new data on the damaged areas of the disk.

c. Mechanical Faults

Sometimes these sounds can be a result of a defective spindle, Read Write head or loose components. If you are still able to access data on the disk, you are strongly advised to backup all your data immediately. Your disk is close to demise. If your disk stops spinning after a period of clicking sound, you may wish to send your disk to a reputable data recovery firm to recover your data.

d. Virtual Memory Paging

When your physical memory is full, the drive may perform numerous virtual memory paging at the same time maintaining the system’s operation. This will result in excessive disk activity. To deal with this problem you can increase the physical memory by adding more RAM into your computer or use a secondary hard disk to contain the swap files.

Further Notes

Hard disk drive occasionally produces a whirring sound when it searches for a file which is heavily fragmented. This is caused by the spinning platters as the read-write heads zoom back and forth to access the sectors where the data is stored. It is important to distinguish the whirling sound from the clicking sound. This whirring sound can be reduced by periodically defragmenting your hard drive. Defragmenting reorganizes the scattered data on the hard drive to make files and programs run faster. It relocates the commonly accessed files to the beginning of the hard disk where data can load at a faster rate.

Open Source Software

If you’ve spent any lengthy amount of time on the Internet, you’ve probably heard of open source software but might not have fully understood what it is and why it even exists. This article will describe this recent phenomenon and describe some of its benefits for the software using community.

In a nutshell, open source software is software made by everyone – for everyone. The hopes behind its development is that through its open access, it will evolve into something that represents the true desires of computer users. Through a wide network of user involvement, the software in question is enhanced and debugged without costs or administrative politics.

Traditionally, software is developed behind closed doors. A team of professional coders build it but the community at large isn’t part of its conception. It’s costly to produce and as you can probably guess, that cost is passed on to the end user: the consumer. Open source software on the other hand is free. Free to download, free to install, free to use, free to modify, and free to share.

Started over twenty years ago, it’s a phenomenon that is gaining in both popularity and exposure. In its first conception, open source gave birth to the World Wide Web as we know it today. The Internet as a whole is the result of free permission to access the web, use the web, contribute to the web, and share the web with others. But it certainly hasn’t stopped there. In the not too distant past, Netscape converted its once commercial version of its Navigator web browser to open source. And today, open source is venturing into the commercial realm as well.

At first thought, the idea of open source may sound just plain crazy to those who earn a living from software development. But the facts point to a different prediction. Open source software puts companies in a terrific position to re-brand and re-position themselves in a market that they may have not been able to reach before. In the business world, open source is all about image and when consumers witness corporations contributing (instead of selling) to the buying public, they gain big favor in the eyes of their users (plus tremendous opportunities to sell other items).

Inviting the public inside a product’s development builds community and trust. It also sets the platform for increased reliability. Fans of open source programs are adamant about reliable software and highly criticize commercialized versions for being buggy and error-prone. Avid fans even proclaim commercialism is the cause of shoddy software.

Another benefit that open source brings to light is the speed at which its products are developed, enhanced, supported and distributed. This is because the people who regularly contribute to an open source product do so for unmotivated reasons (other than perhaps to feed the ego.) They’re highly talented, they’re available, and they care. Bringing money into any project can almost mean instant death. It can kill motivation, desire, and a true willingness to create a good product. In a commercial setting, participants work for a paycheck rather than for the product. And this is what puts open source projects far ahead of its monetized competition.

As a software user, this means you can contribute to an open source project as well, and help to develop it into a product that reflects your direct preferences. You aren’t “stuck” using open source software the way you would be stuck using an expensive word processor or database. You have the same access to open source software as its programmers have and in essence, you are your own customer!

Perhaps at this point you’re wondering where you can get in on this wonderful opportunity. There are plenty of open source opportunities sprinkled across the Internet and they can be easily found though any search engine. Google “open source project” and you’ll be sure to find more resources than you can shake a stick at!

Where To Get Electrician Services That Are Just Amazing

In the current world, we have to have electric power the whole time on the manner to facilitate organizations run properly and ensure power is often available. There various ways in which electric power is used in the present world. Initially, power may be used to supply lighting services in all aspects of the arena. Light is a requirement in both domestics and industrial usage. Secondly, power is important in running machines in industries that process a lot of products that play a very important role as far as the economic growth of any given company is concerned. Thirdly, domestic chores such as powering electronic appliances like TVs, radios, computers and cellphones. Such appliances could possibly be important in carrying out business activities.

Keen on how important power is, everyone needs to make certain they have power all the time. We have to have skilled those who offer this services your complete time. Such people must be flexible enough so that during the development of an emergency, they move fast to repair and streamline operations. There are many companies that have specialized in provision of this electrician services. After Hours Electrician Sydney ensures all time working leading to amazing delivery of services.

Methods to get the electrician services

Reaching electrician services is something simple. The only thing a shopper should do is to contact the service provider. Usually, one can never plan for a breakdown in electric machines. Therefore, in case of an emergence, one has to seek assistance from the Emergency Electrician who’re highly flexible in offering their services. They’re prompt in giving feedback once they are contacted.

Electricians do provide services in any respect times. They do remember that there are plenty of people that need their services and making them comfortable is something they treasure much. Once contacted, the very first thing they do is to visit the site and assess the nature of the difficulty in relation to whether the machine requires spare part replacement or it best needs to be repaired for it to resume its normal operations. After setting up the type of problem, the machine is repaired and taken back to its original state. It needs to be noted that during this process, the customer is fully involved with a view to specify the way they want their machine to operate.

One major thing that makes any business organization renowned is the style they address their clients. Like several other company, they provide amazing services that all clients can admire throughout their operation. In the first place, they provide services which are custom designed. Customers are involved in your complete process and work they can specify features of the product and the way they want their machines to be made.

More so, popularity could also be due to the affordability of the sort of services they supply. They provide quality services that leave clients happy and satisfied with the services. Within the long run, nearly all people choose such type of services. This is likewise evident from the testimonials from clients who have tried this companies before.

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